Dokupe – Letting go [LAIN03]


Debut release for the new project from the same person behind Ozorah and Lolis on Datura.

Experimental everything music.
“Ultimate expression of anything and maybe nothing”.
Parts harsh noise, dark ambient, lolicore, dubstep, pop, industrial, tribal, death industrial, rock and indie pop/rock.

Dokupe is expression, therapy, an anime reference to dr pepper, beautiful, ugly, death ridden, cute, a loli, a corpse.
Dokupe is Dokupe.


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Ozorah – Ozorah [LAIN02]

Ozorah debut release for LAIN/audio.

Gloomy atmospheres, desolate and isolated soundscapes inspired by artists such as Merzbow and Ryoji Ikeda.

Ozorah’s self-titled album was conceived in July of 2012 as a therapeutic method of dealing with depression and isolation, which grew to a greater disinterest for the outside world.

Recorded and produced July 2012.

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Mahjong.dice – Sangyohokai [LAIN01]

Mahjong.dice’s debut EP. Blending Ambient, Downtempo and Post-Rock

originally released 4 June 2010!

Also streamable on Soundcloud

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Noizu Genocide – Exit​-​Bag For Humanity [LAIN00]

Noise music collaboration by Ozorah and ダニエル

originally released 26 September 2012!

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